Francesco Esposito, nowadays better known as Dj Frankaly Lavoe, was born in Naples in 80'. His passion for music rises very soon, since from a child he spent almost of all his free time in it. As a young musician, Francesco, from the age of six, starts to play as self-sufficiency, percussion instruments. Briefly, at the age of eight, from playing clumsily a toy-instrument, Francesco starts to use is first real drums, whose he keeps still with affect his loved drumsticks. Afterwards, he begins to confront himself and to have experience with some of his musician friends, thanks to whom, with the passing of time, he can improve his competences. From that moment, a lot of events and celebrations start all around Campania, ranging over different musical genres. The occasions allow Francesco to meet a lot of artists who take part in the improving of his knowledges. Ever with the beginning of childhood, Francesco could express his artistic attitudes even in dance, starting to practise, at the age of five, ballroom dancing and latin american dancing with partners, measuring then himself in caribbean dancings too. In 2006,it happens the meeting with Alvaro Jose, a Venezuelan singer, which immediately improves in a great friendship. Alvaro greets Francesco as "Conguero" in his band composed by Dominican and Venezuelan musicians, crossing an artistic journey lasted several years, bring the "caliente" sound of South America in various musical happenings, even broadcast by some national television channels. After years of experience and sacrifices, Francesco, without never surrender, actually has changed his passion in his work, entering upon the career of sound selection. So Francesco Esposito becomes Dj Frankaly Lavoe. His stage-name is inspired by the Dominican and Puerto Rican musical culture through the union between the name of a Dominican "bachatero" , named "Frankaly", (from whom it can't go unnoticed the similarity with the name Francesco), and the famous Puerto Rican singer Hector Lavoe. Frankaly is a big lover of vinyl discs and he doesn't miss the opportunity to show off his collection in dancing nights, in which Latin American sound predominates, with the so-called Salsa Vieja, of which Francesco broadcasts Guaguanco, Mambo, Latin Jazz, Bossa Nova, Charanga, Pachanga, Boogaloo, Cha cha, all regards the New York Style. Obviously, he pays the same attention and refinement to the selection of the most actual pieces, broadcasting Cuban Timba, Puerto Rican Salsa, Bachata, electronic Merengue, Kizomba, Reggaeton, Dembow, Cubaton, Latin House. The unstoppable enterprise of Frankaly Lavoe, which always leads him to look for new opportunities of experience and success, takes care we today can heard his sound selection even on the radio. Frankaly, indeed, today conducts with the speaker Raffaele De Cristofaro, "Latin Sound", a radio broadcast, on air every Tuesday from 10 p.m. to 12 p.m. on Prima Rete Radio ( Frankaly Lavoe, besides, is collaborating to the project "NOTTI MONDANE", through which he exploits the video to make visible in a more large-scale, his extraordinary work on web. For this reason, Dj Frankaly Lavoe is always agreed in the search of important artists of the caribbean world, to interview and show them during his happenings. Among the others: Eddie Torres, Adolfo Indacochea, Tania Cannarsa, Lieb J Y Salsachè, Juan Matos, Amneris Martinez, Gabry Galan. Frankaly Lavoe, every year takes part in the happening "La Salsa Vive" in Bologna, in which lots of DJ come from every place of the world, perform with discs in vinyl. Actually, DJ Frankaly Lavoe is present with his sound selection in the caribbean nights of lots of Campania's discos (under the label of "Planet Records"), but his ambition is so much and for this reason he has the intent to continue following the way of passion and success, always keeping faith his motto : " Music to tell, but, especially, to interpret".

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